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Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery comprises such operations that usually do not provide the cure of a disease but instead the improvement of a persons outward appearance. This is also often described as "Cosmetic Surgery" or "Beauty Operation". These descriptions are all not protected by copyright so that almost any doctor can carry out these operations. Therefore, only an especially trained doctor, the plastic surgeon, can give you the certainty that such an operation is carried out in accordance with the rules of medical art.

Aesthetic Surgery has two major parts; on the one hand, operations altering form and on the other hand, operations that are supposed to make one appear younger.

One important task of a plastic surgeon lies in advising the patient. He has to find out if the requested operation is generally possible and has to inform the patient about the best procedure and possible risks. You will always recognise a good plastic surgeon by the detailed and thorough advice that he gives during the personal consultation with the patient on the best possible choice of operation. This may mean that the surgeon has to tell the patient that an operation is not a suitable solution to their problem.

In the following you will find some information on the most common aesthetic operations. Should you be interested in one of these, you are welcome to arrange a personal consultation with us.