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Breast Reduction

Very large breasts pose an elementary problem for many women. They feel restricted in their social and physical activitites as well as having to deal with physical problems such as back pain, cutting bra-straps and eczema under the breast. Correcting Operation

There are different ways to make breasts smaller. The suitable operation has to be found for every breast individually, depending on size and shape of the breast. When reducing the size of the breast, skin, fat and glandular tissue are reduced and the nipple is shifted to the top. The scars run circularly arund the nipple, vertically from it to the mammary fold and along the mammary fold itself. Scar saving techniques are also possible (vertical mammaplasty). Initially, the scars are very apparent, however they lose reddening within the first 3 months after the operation and become flatter. Wearing a support bra day and night is advisable after the operation in order to take weight off the scars. Important information:

Stay at clinic: 1 - 6 days

Duration of operation: 2 - 3 hours, depending on complexity

Type of anaesthesia: general anaesthetic

Follow-up treatment: support bra for 3 months, avoidance of strenuous sports for 3 months

Risks: haematoma, disturbance of healing process, unsightly scarring, loss of the nipple, reduction of ability to breast-feed, irritation in sensitivity of the nipples

Final result: after 3 - 6 months

Presentability: after about 2 - 6 weeks