Otoplasty - Ear Correction

The form of the outer ear is individually different. However, prominent ears are often seen as a blemish. Generally a correction is already made sometime in childhood when ears stick out prominently. Often though, this 'blemish' first starts irritating in middle age, so that a correction can be made then. The correction of the ears not only aims at them not sticking out any more but also that the ears are as symmetrical as possible. The cartilage can be remodelled and adapted through a cut at the back of the ear. Once it has been performed the correction of the outer ear is lasting. Important information:

Stay at the clinic: out-patient, 1-2 days possible due to complexity

Duration of operation: 2 hours, depending on the complexity of work carried out

Type of anaesthesia: local anaesthetic, light sleep, general anaesthetic

Follow up treatment: bandage, sleeping in an upright position for 3 days, headband for 3 weeks in total to prevent the ears from going back into their former position after the operation

Risks: haematoma, swelling, unsightly scarring, occasional formation of surplus cartilage that can be corrected in a second operation

Final result: after about 6 weeks

Presentability: after removal of headband after 3 weeks