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Breast enlargement (mamma augmentation)

The wish to have breast enlargement depends on the individual perception of a small breast or irritating asymmetry of the breast. The breast might also lose some of its volume and elasticity related to age, after losing weight, or pregnancy. Enlargement can generally take place at any age, however, the breast should be fully developed. Furthermore, planned pregnancies should be taken into consideration at the time of the operation as they can influence the aesthetic result permanently. The requested form, size, available implants, direction of incision and location of the implants is discussed with you during a thorough consultation. Implants

We use high-quality silicone implants, bearing the EU mark of quality, with a textured surface to avoid capsular fibrosis and contraction.

Incision techniques

Incision depends on the requested size and form of the implant and on the constitution and scar formation of the woman. Generally we differentiate between the incision along the mammary fold, in the armpit and at the edge of the aerola. In rare cases, when the breasts are very limp, enlargement alone is not enough, so that simultaneous tightening of the breast is advisable.

Position of implants

The implant can be put behind or in front of the larger breast muscle. For very slim women we recommend the positioning behind the muscle in order to avoid the edges of the implant being seen. A more aesthetically pleasing result is achieved with limp breasts, as they are typical after pregnancies or related to age, when the implant is positioned in front of the breast muscle. Important information:

Stay at clinic: 0 - 3 days Duration of operation: 1 - 2 hours Type of anaesthesia: local anaesthetic, general anaesthetic Follow-up treatment: sleeping in an upright position for 3 days, support bra for 3 months, avoidance of strenuous sports for 3 months Risks: haematoma, swelling of the breast, unsightly scarring, temporary feeling of numbness in the nipples, slipping of implants, capsular fibrosis and contracture (around implant that can be felt), Final result: after 6 months Presentability: after approximately 1 - 2 weeks