Mastopexy - Breast Tightening

Following pregnancies, loss of weight or related to the natural ageing process the breast also loses elasticity and firmness. The breast loses volume and often an empty layer of skin remains. In these cases the tightening of the breast is the suitable technique to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Tightening can also be combined with the insertion of an implant. Cutting technique is comparable to that used when reducing the size of breasts, however glandular tissue not removed with this technique. We recommend wearing a support bra for 3 months, day and night, after the operation. Important information:

Stay at clinic: 1 - 6 days

Duration of operation: 2 - 3 hours, depending on complexity

Type of anaesthesia: general anaesthetic

Follow-up treatment: support bra for 3 months, avoidance of strenuous sports and sun beds for 3 months

Risks: haematoma, irritation of healing process, unsightly scarring, loss of the nipple, reduction of ability to breast-feed, irritation in sensitivity of the nipples

Final result: after 3 - 6 months

Presentability: after approximately 2 - 6 weeks