Liposuction - Body contouring

Often certain fat deposits cannot be reduced despite intensive work-out or loss of weight. Women, especially, have these localized areas of excess fat - for example, in the buttocks, hips. Men, mainly, have resistant abdominal fat deposits and excess fat on the hips (love handles). When performing suction the surplus fat deposits are almost always removed permanently without much risk. The operation can often be performed at out-patients under local anaesthetic. However, fat suction is not a method of losing weight. Heavily overweight people should aim to reduce weight through low calorie food and sport prior to fat suction. Correcting operation

A local anaesthetic mixture is injected into the fat tissue with a cannula through small unobtrusive cuts. It causes the fat cells to dissolve which can be sucked out evenly afterwards. Depending on the location, cannulae with a diameter from 2 - 4mm are used. In order to prevent the forming of indentations even body contouring is important. A secondary tightening is achieved due to the rather large wound area and the following wound healing processes. Therefore, we recommend wearing a compression bandage day and night for 3 months. Important information:

Stay at the clinic: 0 - 2 days

Duration of operation: 1 - 3 hours, depending on complexity

Type of anaesthesia: local anaesthetic, light anaesthetic, general anaesthetic

Follow up treatment: compression day and night for 3 months, avoidance of exhausting sport and sunbathing for 2 months

Risks: haematoma, thrombosis, indentations, unsightly scarring, asymmetry, feeling of numbness in the suction area

Final result: after 3 - 9 months

Presentability: after approximately 1 - 3 weeks