Surgery of the peripheral nerves

In the past injuries to the peripheral nerves meant full paralysis of the affected arm or leg. However, the heavy injuries in the World Wars have led to such an extensive development in medicine that injured nerves could already be repaired in the 1920s. Back then only basic nerve surgery was possible because of no means of enlarging the injury site. It then took another 40 years until the use of operational microscopes allowed the necessary magnification to stitch together nerves. The results after nerve suturing have also improved vastly by using the operational microscope in routine procedures in nerve surgery.

However, injuries to peripheral nerves are still neglected and are almost exclusively taken care of in specialist departments. Our department is one of those specialised clinics who treats compression syndromes of nerves as well as primary and secondary treatment of injuries to nerves. Should such nerve treatment not lead to a satisfying result we have the opportunity to create a new balance by replacing certain muscles or groups of muscles. You are welcome to arrange an appointment for an examination in our department if you should suffer from an injury to the nerves or its consequences.