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Injuries to the hand

Injuries to the hand almost always affect the whole hand. Main structures are close to one another and directly below the surface of the hand. This is why vessels and nerves can be severed even by small cuts. The same can be said of the tendons involved in bending and stretching. The balance of the hand can be further disturbed by injuries to the bone by saws or falling over. Our department offers a complete service concerning injuries of the hand, whether they just apply to the skin or to the major structures, such as vessels, nerves, tendons and the bone. Injuries are taken care of 24 hours a day in the emergency department, minor injuries not affecting major structures can be treated in out-patients. More severe injuries would have to be treated in an appropriate operating theatre, if necessary using a microscope. Generally, admission as an in-patient is necessary for this. Throughout treatment we arrange a plan for therapeutic exercise, together with you, according to which further immobilisation or therapeutic exercise should take place.

To get in touch with the emergency department please call 0521-581 2222

Should you suffer from consequences of an injury to the hand, we are happy to examine you and work out a plan for therapy with you, if necessary. For this you can call us at our secretarial office during its opening times.