Congenital malformation (abnormality) of the hand and arm

Malformation of the hand and the arm may be hereditary or come from a problem during pregnancy. They often occur alongside changes of other organs or organ systems. Most malformations of the upper extremity should be operated on. Therefore, it is necessary to consult an experienced doctor at the right time so that an operation can be planned exactly.

Most malformations should be operated on even before the child consciously learns to grip so that the hand can be included in normal co-ordinated movement from the outset and does not have to be excluded from movement at the start because of the malformation.

Therefore it is important that children are introduced early to co-operate with the treating paediatrician and Hand surgeon. We can operate on all malformations of a child's hand at our clinic. You are welcome to visit us together with your child for a personal and thorough consultation, after making a telephone appointment. We can then work out an operation together with you and, if necessary, the paediatrician.